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the № 1 providence community!
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come one, come all
this is THE providence community. hands down.
whether you're promoting events, or asking questions about rhode island & the providence area: you reach more users here & get more feedback

join for updates on providence events, browse the archives, post your art & photography [relevant, of course] & get to know some good people

photo by peter goldburg

I scored a 94% on the "Are you a Rhode Islandah?" Quizie! What about you?

1. providence- & rhode island-related posts are kinda key here so anything that's completely irrelevant is doomed to be deleted. it doesn't need to be only about providence or RI, sometimes MA is acceptable too. if you have a question about anything just send an email to the address above.
2. if your post is unusually long (2+ paragraphs) or if there are images: cut tags [500 by 500 pixels max]!!
3. members must treat eachother with respect & courtesy at all times. whether *you* like someone else or what they have to say is beside the point.
any entries that are potentially offensive or break rules are up to me [the_brown_bunny] or restartsmyheart to take action against, & not any one else. if you have a problem with another member contact me.

breaking any of these rules results in initial warnings but repeated violations will unfortuntately end in a member being banned from the community.

this is so that everyone who has adopted new journals can rejoin without a hassle.
i'll keep you posted.

hope to hear from you

p.s. residents/admirers of newport & aquidneck island: don't forget to look into the newly established newportri community. there aren't many members yet but maybe you guys can help change that. ;)


* http://www.providenceri.com/as220/events.html : sign up to receive the as220/city of providence events and general interest news letters!

* http://www.lotsofnoise.com/listings.html : local band listings, promote your band or just see who's playing where... if it's not listed at the as220 calendar then it's here...

* http://www.lotsofnoise.com/ : local news & reviews

* also check out our community's archives at the link below listed as 'memories.' here are our current archive topics:

businesses: 14 entries
clubs and bars: 2 entries
live music: 3 entries
miscellaneous: 3 entries
places to eat: 7 entries
stuff to do: 19 entries
transportation: 1 entry
80s night, acme video, armageddon records, art, artrolleys, arts district, as220, atwells ave, aunt carrie's, autocrat, avon cinema, awful awfuls, bellevue avenue, benefit street, black forest black sea, blackstone park, block island, box of knives, brown student radio, brown university, buddy cianci, cabinets, cable car cinema, cafe zog, castle cinema, ccri, chan's, cicilline, city by the sea, clam chowda, clamcakes, club hell, coffee milk, college hill, colt state park, culture, cumbies, cyberpunks, del's lemonade, devilles, diversity, dunkin donuts, emo, ethnic diversity, federal hill, first baptist church, fish n chips, foreign affair, fort adams, fort wetherill, gallery night, garment district, gay pride, goat island, goth, haven brothers, hip hop, hp lovecraft, in your ear, india point park, indie, italians, jerimoth hill, johnson & wales university, local bands, local scene, lupo's heartbreak hotel, mccoy stadium, metropolis, mirabar, monty's fan club, moshassuck river, narragansett bay, native americans, new england, newport, newport international film festival, newport storm, nv at the strand, ocean avenue, ocean views, olneyville, open mike nights, patriot cinemas, pine street, point judith, potato head statues, pride, providence, providence college, providence performing art's center, providence phoenix, pulse, punk, quohogs, reflections cafe, rhode island, rhode island accents, ric, richard benjamin, riot grrl, risd, rivet heads, rocky point, rosecliff, sachuest point, saugies, save the bay, spike's junkyard dogs, tealuxe, thames street, thayer street, the big blue bug, the call, the candle factory, the century lounge, the chinese stars, the coffee exchange, the complex, the dirt palace, the east side, the east side tunnel, the family guy, the farrelly brothers, the green room, the living room, the marble house, the met cafe, the mob, the ocean state, the pink rabbit, the projo, the renaissance city, the safari lounge, the sickle, the ultra, thrift shopping, tom's tracks, trinity repertory company, uri, v for vendetta, waterfire, wbru, wdom, white electric, wicked, wickenden street, witherby park, wriu, zox

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